We need you as

Programmer – because there is always stuff to code.
Requires skills in C++, D, Unrealscript, Qt (not all at once)

3d Environment Artist – to build beautiful arenas.
Requires skills in a 3d modeling program, Photoshop and UDK

Animator – to create unique animation sets for our characters.
Requires rigging and animation skills in 3ds Max

Bot AI Programmer– to make bots solid Supraball players
Requires you to be a good player of the game and skills in Unrealscript

Awesome person with awesome skills – to make the game more awesome.
Tell us what you think, where you can make the game more awesome!

Finances (German please) – Buchhaltung und Steuererklärungen

Generally it’s best if you are not only good in one thing but in many things, so we can work more dynamically as a team.

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