Dev blog - Dec 2nd 2016

What we've been working on in the last couple of weeks:

  • Matchmaking mark 2 (We've learned a lot from version 1 and we're pretty excited about the new version. Maybe we are strange people who get excited about matchmaking algorithms, but it is a lot better at handling the interesting situations we've observed with version 1)

  • Investigating/fixing the inactive server crash (this is worthy of its own blog post at some point)

  • Cursing the udk build/cook system

  • Cursing udk shader compilation time

  • Cursing udk for using floats to store time values (oh, you want increment from 524288 to 524289 seconds? Sorry, udk says you can't)

  • Nerfing practice online to encourage people to move on to playing matches

  • Messaging between launcher and udk directly (so we can do things like show matchmaking progress in-game and open servers while you are practicing. No more annoying closing/reopening!)

  • Getting an NA server admin ( Vendetta <3 )

  • Fixing bug in player review where names were blank

What we're planning on doing in the next couple of weeks:

  • Matchmaking party mode (invite your friends! talk with them! join the same match on the same team! kick ass together!)

  • Showing your position in-game (in case you weren't paying attention before the match started)

  • Protecting new players from nasty people in matchmaking games

  • Reviewing the dozen or so new things that have appeared on our triage list

James (plær)