About Supraball

What is Supraball?

The sport of Supraball is the most popular one among a people which we as humans are most often not too aware of. Their resemblance to stick figures is startling, but their true nature and origin is yet unknown. However, one thing we can say for certain: They love playing Supraball!

The basic game rules of Supraball are quite similar to human sports such as soccer, hockey, basketball and many others. The abilities of Supraball players, however, by far exceed those of ordinary people. Their high jump capability and use of specialized ball cannons turn this sport into a fast-paced game which attracts many of their people to watch its most excellent players at spectacular events.

How does Supraball play?

As a first person sports game Supraball sets you right into the middle of the action. With other real life players in your and the opponent team your best shot at winning is to play as a team and outplay your opponents with active participation at both offensive and defensive ends. Whether you love scoring compelling goals, harassing your opponents by knocking them out of position, excelling as a goalie or making mind-boggling passes, your choice of role and play style contribute to your team’s effectiveness. Tactical strategies and the ability to react to different situations as a team can greatly influence how dominant your team will be.

High precision controls free from any randomizing effects and a high dependency on your team mates allow the game to be extraordinarily competitive. The number of possibilities of plays and their fast-paced character may seem staggering at first but offer such depth to the game that skill and competition truly become the core idea of Supraball.

But don't be worried, one need not be a Supraball star to discover entertaining moments and intriguing plays. It can be a real joy finding enemy players out of position in your penalty box and giving them a taste of your gun’s kick function to knock’em out.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your cannon and we’ll meet you on the field.

History of Supraball

The idea of Supraball first took form as the modification Deathball in 2002 shortly after the release of Unreal Tournament 2003. The existing UT2003’s game mode Bombing Run appeared as a perfect basis for the new gameplay idea: A ball, a playing field and players running around with a hammer that can kill anyone with the ball. Although most probably not recognized as a first person sports game at that time, David Münnich was convinced of his idea and sought help from programmers and friends from the level design community.

Soon after release the modification has been recognized and covered by numerous gaming magazines, popularity rose steeply and players immediately got hooked to the never before seen gameplay. While DavidM and his crew continued improving upon gameplay, adding and experimenting with new elements, Deathball received awards and was later ported to and released with the Unreal Tournament 2004 - Game of the Year edition.

As Unreal Tournament 2004 aged and became less popular Deathball’s population slowly declined until it eventually died out. Years passed before Deathball’s soul should see some light again.

End of 2011 Deathball received a reviving momentum. With financing opportunities for a standalone version of the game DavidM once again sought help to realise a comeback: Supraball. The still lurking Deathball community provided the necessary resources: Marenz, Winni, Swarley and Silw joined in.

While game development progressed promisingly in 2012 ties to the business partner revealed demands that were incompatible with the desires of the team and most importantly the game itself. Production halted and the continuing disputes led to a break with the business partner in early 2014. As a now independent team production continued in early spring 2014. The first Supraball public alpha was proudly released in May 2014.

Media kit

If you’d like to cover Supraball, create a fan page or are in dire need of a supratastic wallpaper you’re more than welcome to use our media kit consisting of several images, logos and artwork: [Media Kit] (size: 10MB).