Update 24. December 2017

Additional jump after dash, 5v5 ranked now available, no more timeplay, fixed "cant shoot"-bug and more

Gameplay Changes:
- Fieldplayers now have one multijump after their dash
- Reduced duration of kick and pull from 0.25s to 0.2s
- Reduced angle of pull from 56° to 52°
- Fixed bug where you could not release the ball
- At the end of the match the shotclock is now shorter to avoid timeplay
- Bots no longer require you to look at them in order for them to pass to you (so you can aim at the goal with the deflector while they pass)

Other Changes:
- Ranked matches now get canceled when not all players have joined within 2 minutes (was already in previous update but we forgot to mention it)
- Tutorial changed to teach the deflector in a few different constellations
- Map Pitch_Snow: fog and snowfall changes
- Fixed that kick effect disappeared if you kept on kicking
- Deflector sounds quieter and slightly changed
- Training course map now shows the correct key bindings in the HUD when you enter the task
- Ranked matches now allow a max rank span of 700 instead of 500
- Fixed a BUG where the matchmaking balancer would produce unfair teams