Current progress info

We didn't release updates in a while because we have lots of new things in the pipeline, but all are just 50-75% done. We got lots of loose ends that we need to tie together first.
And right now for various personal reasons some of our key people can't work on the game. We're back to normal soon I hope.

Some of the loose ends we have:
- Player profiles
- Creating and managing teams and playing with team elo
- Customizing colors of objects (like hat color)
- Elo-decay for players with gold and above
- Tons of new hats
- More backer goodies (badges in profiles and colored profile borders)

For the final release we will also be getting proper stats. The game will count goals, assists, good/bad passes, chances, saves, intercepts, touches, possession time for every player (only in ranked matches).
Because of this we will also definitely reset the whole database. Because if we started counting goals after you've played 1000 matches, it would say that you have 1001 matches and 1 goal, that would be a terrible rate that you don't want to show around. And we need everyone to test certain launcher progress features that are most relevant when you have a very low XP.
We will most likely reset everything twice. Once when we start testing the stats and upcoming XP features and once when the game actually goes live.

I thought about giving the game out for free for like the top 20 of those who gather the most XP in the testing weeks. We'll see.