Dev Blog 28. October 2017

All you need to know about Ranked play

The one question I hear multiple times every day: "When can we play Ranked?"

The basic version of Ranked play is done and now requires internal testing.
What does basic mean?
It's missing the option of a warmup server in which you can play while you wait and you cannot queue with a friend yet; only solo so far. Max party size for Ranked will be 2 later.

Skill gap
During your initial placement matches teams might be unbalanced because the system doesn't know everyones skill yet. After that the max rank gap between players in a match is 5. And for all of you who don't know our ranked system yet, let me show it to you. I think it's pretty intuitive.

We have the following material progression from low to high: Paper, Wood, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Kryptonite
Every material is split up into 3. So you can have for example ranks called Wood 2, Bronze 1, Silver 3, etc.

5v5 and 3v3
The ranks for 5v5 and 3v3 have a different shape:

When it's done of course. 
It's still open to internal debate wheter we'll only unlock 3v3 ranked first and 5v5 later. The reason for this is simply that waiting times are reduced if we only offer one mode, instead of having people spread over 2 modes.

About 1100 people have the required Level 6 by now.
Europe should work great, NA should work at certain times. All other continents I'm afraid will not get any ranked matches going right now due to the lack of enough players.
Boosting is considered an essential skill for ranked, but then we would have to set the limit to Level15 and would only have a few players. So veterans will have to live with the fact that boosting will be rare, even in Ranked. But the ranks should quickly diverge so they won't play together for very long.
And to all new players: try to learn boosting, it is really a cornerstone of Supraball's gameplay. It is very easy to do and superfun, you just need a few days to not forget about it again all the time.

In Ranked we are totally strict with banning people who ruin the matches. So you will have to stick to the following rules and please report everyone who breaks them (just tell us in our Discord):
- Play the role you are assigned (Keeper, Defender, Midfielder); don't change it without the agreement of your team!
- Don't leave ranked matches before they are finished!
- Don't insult anyone!
- Don't ruin matches!
If you ruin the experience for others you will get banned for a couple of days or more. If you keep being a problem we will take your ranked license away.

How does Ranked work?
- At first you will have to play 10 placement matches until you get your rank (10 each for 5v5 and 3v3).
- Your rank (elo) points increase when your team wins and decrease when your team loses. With balanced teams you will get or lose 15 points. Each rank is 100 points apart.
- There are no bots in ranked.
- Matches take longer than normal ones. 

Personal notes:

The nature of ranked play is that you have only extremely positive or negative emotions - unless you don't care so much.  But then again everyone says they don't care, but we know that's a lie. :D
But the point I want to make is that you shouldn't let single matches matter too much to you.

Your rank is the result of a lot of matches. Don't let it get you down if you concede an unlucky loss or have the seemingly worse team. Bad luck and good luck will be equal in the long run and your rank will reflect only your own performance. Don't focus too much on results single matches but what your win ratio is after a couple of days.

And consider that losing a match will make your next match easier and winning will make it harder. Because with a lower rank you will get better team mates and vice versa.

Only the score counts!
You might sometimes have a flawless match but still lose it and have your rank drop.
We don't measure your personal values, we only look at the end result. We make sure you fight for your team and only succeed if you manage to adept to the changing circumstances. Otherwise you could trick the system and rank up without really contributing to winning.

Do you complain about your teammates if they fail or do you motivate them and trust in them? Trust makes us stronger, low self esteem will make us fail more
The best players improve their teammates.

I recommend looking at Video #11 in our tutorial video guide about formations:

Being able to do the coolest tricks becomes pretty much irrelevant in Ranked. Here only counts what is efficient in winning matches.
Of course you won't get anywhere without individual skills, but in the long run tactical mastery and teamplay beat ego skills.