Update 7. October

- Added dash for field players with 3.5s cooldown
- Fixes problems with invite window
- Training courts now saves status (tasks completed, coins collected…) and you can continue in another session.
- Training courts: Need to finish certain tasks to progress
- Training courts bit more user friendly and guiding
- Training court: 4 more hidden coins including “floor is lava” challenge
- Optimized lighting rendering in maps
- Optimized performance in Hall and Hall_night (regarding reflecting floor and confetti dropping FPS)
- Boop-sound (shield bounce) less loud
- Now allowing private servers that require a password. To set a password add MatchPassword=yourpassword  in udkdeathball.ini. Do NOT set the password in udkgame.ini.
- Added new dash sound and effect
- No-HUD bug solved for real this time. Please report if it happens again.
- In order to fix the bug that makes servers die after matches we added debug code that will help us figure out the problem. We also reverted the change from a previous update where the intro sequence was removed from practice servers, because we suspect it might be related. Please report broken servers to us.
- Fixed "1"-notification on Practice online always coming back