Update 19. December

We’ve added party matchmaking. In the matchmaking dialogue you can now invite friends and have them on your team.

- Party matchmaking Version 1 - queue with up to 4 friends on your team (only normal matches so far)
- Added animated videos to all tutorial courses
- Added Steam trading cards, backgrounds, emoticons, badges
- See ingame which matchmaking position you have at the start of the match
- 3v3 matches give 3x more XP than before
- Fixed: Don't see matchmaking progress when  spectating a practice server
- Visual improvements to Pitch, Smallpitch, Beach, Moon
- Fixed: crash after match due to over-zealous server list cleanup (many thanks to those who reported this)
- Fixed: players joining matches as spectator
- Fixed: matchmaking queue progress bar did not reduce if players left
- You can minimize modal windows (matchmaking, party...) with a doubleclick
- Minor text fixes
- Treat players with low number of reviews as new so they cannot be banned from the chat with 1 negative review