Development Progress (August 2016)

What we learned

Especially since the early access release we've learned a lot about what is still lacking in our concept of the game. Many people pick it up and even like it, but they are not sticking around.
We primarily blame the lack of a meta-game (a motivation and progression beyond trying to win a single match). There are ranks, but these are not for beginners yet. Beginners have more or less nothing in that regard.

And we also see it's very hard for beginners to get into the game - it is undoubtedly a core game and we don't think we can make it super accessible for casual players without compromising the entire gameplay we have. But that shouldn't be much of a problem because there are tons of core gamers who can't wait to show what they're capable of. We just want to make their entry to the game smoother.

Progression System

Regarding these two problems we're working on a system to improve the motivation and beginner friendliness. For that we go way back to our original upgrade progression idea that we presented 1-2 years ago. Older players of the game back then talked us out of it even though we all liked it ourselves. So we're going right back to it because we think it makes the game a lot more motivating for beginners and it also serves as kind of a tutorial.

What is it about? New players will start with less abilities and slowly get introduced to new possibilities and upgrade them step by step. At the same time it will give new players more time to act. They will no longer get knocked out within a second after getting the ball, because the guns of the opponents aren't as strong yet. Of course we will try to make sure this doesn't lead to unbalanced situations by only matching equally experienced players. Additionally, you can only start playing ranked when everything is unlocked.


On top of that, Alexey is now working fulltime for us and is creating tons of customizations that you will be able to unlock and modify to your liking, like changing the color of a tie/shirt/belt to whatever you like.

Right now Alexey is only doing skins, after that he will make lots of hats and new guns (you can also tell us what kind of things you'd like to wear). Just keep in mind that every dress is painted on top of our rubber guys and therefore will not bring about geometrical changes. Also, every skin has to show enough team-color.

The entire plan

And for your info of the bigger picture: Supraball will be officially released when these features are done:
- Matchmaking (This is nearly done!)
- Progression/Upgrading-System (We're just starting with this)
- Customizations (Production is in full swing, but we still need a lot more)
- Club lobbies (This has been put on ice for a few months now, not sure when it will be picked up again).

Our working speed will also improve a lot, because we will soon have more people working fulltime for us.
So maybe we're done with this list by the end of the year, but my estimations have been horribly wrong in the past, so I wouldn't bet on it.

- David