Update 2. November 2017

New Tutorial, improved Invite Friend dialogue, easier votekick

  • New (basic) tutorial map! This new tutorial covers the basics on the pitch in realistic match scenarios in over 20 tasks. The old tutorial will be readded as a bonus fun map that you unlock when you reach a certain level - another advanced tutorial map will come later, it will feature pro stuff like boosting, momentum, roll spins, hard volleys, far-dashing and more.
  • Newly added Steam Friends now immediately appear in the "Invite Friends" window without restarting the launcher
  • Fixed that in the "Invite Friends" window sometimes the wrong people are selected
  • Added "Clear selected" button to "Invite Friends" window to unselect everyone. Useful when you first invite 10 friends and then want to invite 3 other friends - so when you first clear the selection you will not reinvite the first 10 friends again.
  • Fixed that people who are already in the lobby/party will not receive an invite
  • "Invite Friends" window now shows people who are "Playing Supraball" first on top of the list
  • Improved the look of kick/shot/ball effects in low "effect quality" 
  • Ball effects are now more transparent and the smoke of a hard shot is smaller. All in all there are less distractions that blocked the view.
  • Public kickvoting now initiates after 1 vote instead after 4