Update 19. October 2017

Rewards, Fairer Substitutes and more

- Added Level-Up reward system. Earn rewards by gaining xp and increasing your level. Existing players who have already gained levels can claim lots of rewards immediately. Some post-match random drops have been removed. 
- Substitutes now fairer - players are placed in the team which will improve the balance. It used to be random and you could have all the best players on one side.
- From now on substituting counts as a played match in your stats.
- Fixed rare bug where players get a blackscreen or a "banned" message when taking a long time to join a match.
- Fixed rare launcher crash with Windows 10/Nvidia when a match started.
- Added launcher volume control.
- Set default launcher volume to 50% of previous level, so all launcher sounds are now 50% quieter.
- Can now bind arrow keys and capslock in the launcher control options.
- New background image in chest screen, highlighting some skins and hats.