Update 14. December 2017

For the first time in years we're making relevant gameplay changes again. Those are aimed at making the game easier for beginners.

Gameplay changes:
- Deflect-Shield turned into Deflector: It now works from all incoming angles - so even if the ball hits you from behind, the ball will get forwarded into the direction you're facing. (Video of us having fun with the deflector)
- Knockout time reduced to half (you have to wait less before you can continue playing)
- Camera shake, when taking damage, reduced to 27%, so it's less disorientating
- Very Low power charge shots will not be released (to avoid accidental releases when you caught the ball while trying to kick it)
- Pull-Catch angle is now much bigger (still smaller than the kick) and the pull cone stays longer (0.135s -> 0.25s), so catching requires less good aiming and timing
- Kicking cone now stays longer (0.135s -> 0.25s) so the timing needs to be less precise

Other changes:
- If you play the tutorial for the first time, you can close it and pick up where you left off. So you don't need to start from Task 1 when you already had 50% done.
- Tutorial now automatically searches a match when you're done
- Offline modes are now locked until you beat the tutorial
- Improved the look of the kick effect
- Improved the look of the pull-catch effect
- Fixed that the pull-catch effect didn't play when you caught the ball
- Improved the look of the suck effect
- Changed look and sound of shield
- You can now rotate your camera freely while being knocked out
- Kickvoting in ranked matches disabled
- Fixed spectators not seeing nametags
- Change the way rain and snow work in the maps Pitch_snow and Pitch_rain for better performance
- Added confetti at match end podiums
- New sound effect when your dash is ready and dash bar flashes
- Fixed bug in tutorial where it would get stuck in the keeper task
- Fixed bug in tutorial where your teammate would always overcharge and never score and you would get stuck
- Reworked deflector task in tutorial
- Training courses map (old tutorial) will now be be unlocked as a reward on Level 5
- Reaching Level 4 you will now get a notification on Community/Discord
- Once you finished your ranked placement matches you will get a notification on Community/Stats
- Stats now open with 3v3 as default instead of 5v5 (while we still have 5v5 ranked locked)
- Fixed that players get pushed off the end podium if there was a last second goal
- Added "add friend" button next to people in the match report
- Fixed, that secret coin in momentum challenge of the training course can be unlocked with a dash
- Added another secret coin to the training courses (requires new deflector to get it)
- A ranked match where not everyone joins is canceled without any ELO loss/win.
- Showing "Time left to join" message to players during pre-match mode