Update 2. February 2019

Sorry for making you update Supraball almost daily!

- Removed personal goal challenge
- Fixed a UDK crash at the start of the match
- Made changes to dash code, also added more log information - if a dash doesn't work online, please send us udkgame/logs/launch.log so we can learn from that
- You can now release a full power shot while being hit-shaken (instead of a weak random direction shot - your aim might only be slightly off because of the view shake)
- Increased intensity and duration of camera shake when being hurt
- The overcharge shot now doesn't go in a random direction anymore, it's only a weak shot (5% of the charge power)
- Fixed that kicking in lobby matches was sometimes not possible (if the server was configured to be ranked, even though lobbies allow no ranked matches)
- Fixed 3v3 lobbies showing the 5v5 rank for unassigned players
- Match report flipping speed increased a lot (going left and right to next or previous match report took very long)
- General stability fixes