Shipej: "We will use this tactic until it doesn't work anymore."

We've interviewed the captains of Tq and NaB after their league match last sunday

On the first matchday Torque and NoAimBoys brought us the most interesting match while all other matches were pretty one sided.

The 7:3 result doesn't quite represent a pretty close and quality match of two almost equally good teams that both used a completely different tactical approach. Torque plays high risk with mostly just one pass until they get a chance. NaB chose a more defensive approach with lots of passing around until they get chances.

Both captains speak about their first league experience and how it felt differently from regular matches:

Torque Captain Shipej (17, image): The match honestly didn't feel any different than any other match. The only real difference is that we had communication now which is a very big factor. Individually I don't think we played any different than in a ranked game with the exception of more passes

NaB Captain Doo: The first league match was pretty.. "weird" for us, at least for me. I think we were all a little bit nervous. It definitely felt different from normal matches as it was something more serious. We really tryharded to win and were really happy about every scored goal from our team and we were really annoyed by every goal we conceded.

Most of Torque's chances were created the same way. They boosted up someone at NaBs box and had their keeper pass to him.

Doo: Their upboosting was destroying us completely. We expected them to use it sometimes, yes, but their whole playstyle was based on it, and we just had no chance to defend it.

Shipej: We will use this tactic until it doesn't work anymore. We have a lot of faith in this tactic and I'm sure we will come up with something else once there's a team it doesn't work on. But for now we will stick to this.

So their upcoming opponents (Skyrex and Paper Paradise) know what to practice this week - unless he is bluffing.

Doo, you started your match against tq with a 1-2-2 system and switched to 1-1-3 when you were a few goals down. Is the 1-2-2 you had in the first minutes an approach you plan to use more often during the season?
To be honest we planned to do something like 1-1-1-2, but it really looked like 1-2-2 sometimes. when we conceded the first goals we knew that we have to change something and.. yea. In the end we still lost it, but I think we can be happy with this result for now. Usually we will try to use the 1-1-1-2 sometimes, usually it will be 1-1-2-1, but most likely it will depend on the situation, we will see.
While tq don't have any specific goal in the league and are just in it for the fun of playing, NaB would be proud to make it among the top half.

Doo: As the league has 12 teams I would be happy with the 6th place and better, and in the team they were saying similar things. Of course we would be happy to win it, but i think that teams like gg, gAry etc. are just more experienced and playing better than we do.

Shipej: tq is just a bunch of players that like to play matches. We don't really care about winning or being top 5 or anything we just play and see how it goes.

Rewatch the match between tq and NaB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krFI9D22NG0
Watch the League Standings: league.supraball.net