Dev blog 30 June 2017

A quick update on what we're working on...

Just a quick update this week. I'm sure you'd prefer that I was spending time improving the game instead of crafting long paragraphs of prose.

Other than what's just dropped in the new update (check yesterday's news post), here's what we've been doing, or will be doing soon:
  • Dynamic game server system. There are a lot of details about this in the previous dev blog, but what we're working on now is correctly detecting and selecting regions.
  • Preparing a fail-over redundancy system for the masterserver. We need to remove as many single points of failure so the game can operate if the primary masterserver dies.
  • Level system (make xp progress, go up levels, earn shiny prizes!).
  • Further changes to the chest system. Feedback from players was that the chest window was unclear. We've patched a couple of the problems already, but it still doesn't meet the requirements fully.
  • Sending out backer shop emails. These would have gone out earlier, but changes to the chest system meant there was a risk of giving people stuff that would then be removed from the game.