Dev blog 24 February 2017

Progress update

Here's what we've been working on in the last couple of weeks:
  • Defender bot (it fundamentally works. We're now at the stage of playtesting and tweaking)
  • Defender bot integration with matchmaking
  • Customisations and shop
  • Antialiasing options (potential for fps boost on low spec machines)
What's coming up next:
  • New release (should be middle of next week if all goes to plan)
  • Continued shop work (so that you can buy stuff, activate it and see it in-game)
  • Midfield/Attacker bot (completing the bot team lineup, meaning we can all stop playing and leave it to the bots).
I've written a few essays recently so I'll keep it simple this time. Here's a problem to think about that we've had to solve while implementing the defender bot: If someone passes a ball to you, how do you work out where to stand to catch it?

What kind of things are you interested in hearing more about? Check the links below for a variety of ways to get in touch.