Dev blog 22 July 2017

How far are we away from free2play?

Everyone is of course asking the same question: when are we going free2play?
We are constantly 3 weeks away from it, since May or so. And we always think "now it's really only 3 weeks".

So I will just tell you what is left:
- We're pretty much finished with the server scaling system. Unfortunately we will not be able to offer Brazilian servers. They will get a ping of 100 in the USA though. Unless servers in Brazil get cheaper, that's the only option we have.
- There are also still some bugs left to fix:
  • Items you get from a chest not appearing in your inventory until you restart the launcher.
  • Sometimes the launcher shows you have 0 chests even though you have lots of them.
  • The chest screen is being reworked and we're adding options to buy up to 50 chests directly.
  • In human-only matches, player characters overlap during the intro sequence
  • Inviting into lobbies is broken
  • Name alignment and unready/ready colors in lobbies are broken
  • 3v3 lobbies show 5v5 ranks
  • The steam achievements regarding chances are broken
Those remaining things probably take about 3 weeks to be done.
Yeah, definitely 3 weeks. I think.

- David