Dev blog 18 August 2017

News of an exclusive item for existing players, drop rate adjustments, and another new update.

We have a new release coming next week. It will contain the new chest screen and level system that I talked about last time, but otherwise mostly bug fixes.

Next week (or possibly sooner) we'll also be doing the first adjustment of item drop rates. We saw that new players received a flurry of items, but then the drops plummeted. We're increasing the long-term drop rates, and will also be adding a new random chest drop. Overall you'll see items more often. This is something we will continue to revise based on the data available.

We are preparing a special item exclusively for people who have played before the F2P release as a thank-you for helping us. This will be a once-only item, which will never appear in a chest or post-match item drop. It will be distributed very shortly after the F2P launch. Wear it and let everyone know that you are special.

As far our current work-in-progress goes, we are mostly doing logistics stuff now, which is not very interesting but very necessary. We have to make sure that our tiny team can offer sufficient support after the F2P launch. This means we're writing lots of guides, teaching everyone how to do patches/updates, and generally sharing all the information that's built up in people's heads over the years. It also means some of us are making commitments to wake up at 3am so that we can offer 24/7 support for a short time after the launch.