Dev Blog 5. February 2018

What we're doing at the moment

The release of the quick-requeue feature in the last update brought up a bunch of new bugs. They are now hopefully all fixed - we'll see when we release the next update.

Apart from that we did a lot of other things lately:

For example our Brazilian players should now have good servers to play on with low ping.
We're still struggling with Argentina - unfortunately they have a very bad ping to Brazil, so we'll have to find another datacenter for them. It is really not easy finding servers in South America that are not super expensive!

The broken dash should finally be fixed next update!

This is only for veterans so far, but you will be able to spectate any match by entering "open ip:port".
Spectating itself also got minor improvements. The automatic camera turning was improved and we fixed that specs saw no radar.

We will disable parties in ranked - they can just be too strong and we have no way to balance the match properly very often.

We put some work into "play normal matches while waiting for ranked". It opens up a lot of problems and design questions because you should at times have 2 progress bars and the whole system might not be ready for this. But in the end we should really have it, because it would increase the chance, of rankeds filling, dramatically.

Another thing that is coming are daily wins and 5 days win streaks. This is of course to make people come back daily to get the game more active in general. You will be rewarded with random items.

The "Personal Goals" system is also still being worked on; I explained what it does in the past Dev Blog. We hope for it to increase Teamplay among new players. There seems to be this sad agreement that nobody will pass anyway, and that everyone tries to be the star by shooting at the goal from everywhere. Of course the game is no fun, if everyone is playing like this. We'll have people fill up a bar with passes to get a lot of extra XP and hope for that to turn things around.

Do you like to have a new gun or skin/hat that we make just for you? Well almost. We're offering this deal to you: You give us 150€ and we make you either a unique Gun or a Skin+Hat Combo.
You will receive the items and you can give them a name. We in return can put it into chests as legendary items. So everyone has a very small chance to also get them but it carries your name or what you like.

By the way, our artist Alexey is totally awesome. Here is the design he got and what he turned it into: Design and Result

Overal, have all our efforts of the past months helped or is Supraball dying?
Well, they did help a bit. The player numbers were decreasing until later november. From then on, they are even slightly increasing. Not much, but it's visible.
But in the end it comes down to waiting for release day. At the moment we have a limited visiblity on Steam because of the Early Access status.