Dev Blog 4 August 2017

Progress update. F2P draws closer...

I'll keep this brief today. We are internally testing a new release which fixes a number of the bugs mentioned in the last dev blog. Assuming all is good, that should be making its way out late next week. 

Something that I don't think got mentioned in the last blog's bug list was that we have fixes for players being moved before the match starts, and some costume updates to reduce team colour confusion. I've seen some talk about those particular issues recently, so rest assured we've got fixes coming in the next release.

We're primarily in bug fixing mode now, although two new features are also in progress. A new chest interface (mentioned last time), and a simple level system derived from XP to give a better sense of progress. When we have completed the remaining (nine) items on our must-have list, we'll press the metaphorical button and the F2P era will begin.