Dev Blog 19th May 2017

Progress update

I previously mentioned our efforts to get the game server running in Docker. We've pretty much cracked that problem, and already have a couple of experimental servers running in regions we previously couldn't support. We're investigating further deployment locations. For those interested, we've added some information on our server setup page:

For brand new players, we've added a little "Welcome to Supraball" page the first time the game starts up, giving one-click access to either the tutorial or a botmatch. Eventually this will morph into a quick-start guide to the launcher, but until the launcher design stabilises, anything more now would be wasted effort.

We've done a little tidy up of the launcher main page, mostly making a couple of things optional, and removing some redundant buttons. We have a bigger one planned for post F2P. There's been a few rumbles of dissatisfaction in the community about the launcher recently. We know the launcher rubs a few people the wrong way, but it continues to be necessary as long as the main game is written using UDK.

The backer shop is looking nice and will be ready very soon. Backers will get an email containing a link to a special webpage we've set up. All you'll need to do is log in and we will link any rewards you claim to your steam account.

We've also got an update coming soon, most likely early next week. The main new feature is item chests and keys. We'd hoped to have it out this week, but internal beta testing highlighted a few bugs which we are fixing at the moment. After that, there will likely be one further update before we switch to F2P.

There are currently six things left to do on the must-have list before we can do the F2P release. This is mostly back-end and operations stuff. e.g. Load test the master server, deploying enough servers in enough locations for everyone.

There are also ten items on the nice-to-have list. These are things we'd like to get done but time and budget is working against us. This includes features such as an in-game taunt wheel, and item crafting (i.e. exchanging common items for a rare one).

We're looking forward to the F2P release with a mixture of nerves and excitement, both of which will no doubt grow as we get closer to the event. It's another big opportunity to get in front of a wider audience and we hope that audience loves the game as much as we all do.