5. April Update

Midfield bots - Endgame podiums - Item drops - Character customizations - third person cameras - Volcano map

Major changes:
- Added midfield bots for Matchmaking (not lobbies) - can now play alone with 9 bots if server is available
- After every match you have a chance to receive items (skins, hats)
- You can customize your character with skins and hats in the profile
- Game now shows you in third person whenever possible
- At the end of a match there will be a podium showing the top 3 players ranked by most XP
- Added Volcano 5v5 map

Minor changes:
- 3v3/5v5 setting is not in advance options of matchmaking anymore
- Removed map Hall2 because it's incompatible with bots
- Fixed masterserver crash related to party member rejoining a match
- Fixed flying trees in low world detail setting of Smallpitch and Pitch
- Improved visibility of blue players on Pitch_Snow
- Improved FPS on Hall and Hall_Night
- Added funky trail to feet of scoring team
- Match opening animation now shows all players
- Improved how characters are lit in all maps so skins and hats look good
- Masterserver now tracks if people leave a match early (so they don't get item drops)

Known Problems:
- Podium: bots get no XP yet, KO'd players don't appear on podium
- Match opening animation: auto spawning and locking people into place is still buggy
- Practice servers still crash clients upon map change, but we added log entries that help us fix it soon