7. August Update

Added tons of new hats and skins to the chests. Fixed lots of little bugs!

- Added 93 new skins and hats to the chests
- Fixed inviting into lobbies not working
- Fixed people overlapping during the intro
- Possibly fixed bug where you could not substitute into a lobby match (pls report if it happens!)

- Tutorial map now starts a 3v3 match in db-hall when you beat it instead of closing udk
- Launcher informs users if the game is experiencing a high user load that causes slowdowns
- Fixed wrong colors and bad alignment of players in lobbies
- UDK now uses the supraball icon instead of the UDK one
- Fixed mouse being inverted by default (isn't inverted by default now)
- Fixed spectator camera in Volcano going through geometry
- Fixed elo calculations being broken
- Fixed a specific masterserver crash
- Fixed chance related Steam achievements not working
- Fixed meth-cook skin having a hat in the preview image (the hat is separate now)
- Fixed orange supra-san skin being too red on blue team