Update 8. April


- Prevent macro-jump (added minimum delay between jumps that cannot be bypassed by macros)
- Prevent fieldplayers from using the shield in their own keeper box.


- Beach: complete visual overhaul (old vs new image), FPS improved, [bug in low and medium world detail setting; floating palm fragments]
- Moon: gravity now like on earth so it can be a regular 5v5 map, lighting changed in arena
- Pitch: added fences, bees less loud
- Pitch_Snow: Lighting reworked
- Cave: fire prettier, 4 more lamps in the map
- Reworked spectator cameras in 5v5 maps Improved (main camera #1 improved, changed tactic cam #6, added new cam #9, other details)
- Removed the following maps from the game because of lacking quality: Park, Tryhard, Hall
- Waldohs


- ESC-Screen now shows the ranks of players [avg team ranks display buggy]
- Timewaste countdown moved to the upper right corner
- Last 10 second beep countdown sound changed so it's different from the timewaste countdown
- Surrender now shown in chat
- Spectator controls in top left corner by default hidden
- Added warning to texture options that a restart might be required to prevent problems


- Fixes missing error messages when not being able to join a lobby
- Lobbies should now be stable when a match server restarts (to change the map or another setting)
- Added Save rate (%) in match report
- Fixed chance rate (%) being calculated wrong in match report

Info for server owners:
We've updated defaultengine.ini. When you got a server at Simrai you need to reinstall your server (actions, reinstall), updating alone won't be enough.