Update 15. January

Major changes:

- New anti-timeplay-rule: A team can only hold the ball for 23 seconds in their own half before it resets at the opponent box. The 7secs box timer has been removed. This rule only applies in matches, not in practice.
- Added new map Stadium
- Added a surrender vote in matches
- Added "toggle name tags" key to controls. Default key is F. This is so keepers can temporarily disable the name tags to have a better vision

Other changes:

- Fixed ball emergency reset bug
- Added a respawn delay after reconnecting to avoid reconnect-abuse to get to defense quickly
- Effects reworked (damaging, ball bouncing, hardshot trail and others)
- Added new effects for when gun overcharges
- Ranks now shown ingame in ESC screen
- Added "Gamma" slider to visual options
- Options screen now transparent so you see the game in the background
- Pitch_walls: visual changes, readded the keeper blocking volume into the goals, performance improved
- Snow: updated to new artstyle, removed crowd, performance improved
- Rain: updated to new artstyle, fixed map crashing when you score 2 goals in a row, improved performance
- Cave: less dark, lens flares added
- Park: reworked
- Beach: improved performance, changed visuals, removed crowd, still work in progress
- Hall2: Block upper part for players and reset ball if it gets there
- Newly detected ingame stats: saves, chances, assists, owngoals
- Added console command "SubcribeToPlayerStats" (optionally with name; without a name it tracks yourself) to debug stat tracking; you can use this to verify if stats work correctly and help us find problems. This only works online, not in practice-alone. You can also use the console command "printstats" to show your current stats ingame
(Stats not being sent to launcher yet, that is next on the todo list)
- Fixed that touchdown goals didn't produce sound/effects/any other party equipments
- If you happen to get a blackscreen you will now be shown an error message