Update 12. November

- Reduced sucker effect on players by 33% (from 7000 to 4666 on ground and from 1500 to 1000 in air) [experimental change]
- Increased walking speed (from 605 to 655 for normal players and from 462 to 512 for ballowners) [experimental change]
- Keeper can now enter his own goal in pitch_walls [experimental change; most likely reverted in next update]
- Added emergency ball reset if ball disappears (30 secs no touch = reset) [in Hall the ball sometimes gets lost in a wall]

- Added profile when hovering player (more stats coming for that later)
- Added profile options
- Options menu now fully functional
- Various visual enhancements

- Pitch_Walls: Major overhaul (still WIP)
- Moon: improved sounds, improved cameras
- Pitch_Rain: Lightning bigger, Footstep sound location fixed, improved dirt/puddle look
- Park: lots of changes (still WIP)
- Tryhard: Fixed Spectator cameras, added windows
- Pitch_Snow: A little Darker, removed snow smudge from goals
- Beach: Little darker, less blinding
- Hall: Little less dark
Hall2: Removed camera after goals
- New map: Cave (3v3 closed box with roof, still WIP)
- Removed Pitch; no longer needed since wall-less play isn't popular

- Updated lots of effects (trail, kick, spin...)
- Attempt to fix Backer-Suit being black when looking from close (testing now if it helped)
- Backer-Gun prettier, charge sound improved and fixed sound being in the wrong place
- Fixed kickban ingame not working (could rejoin immediately)
- Added xbox 360 controller support to udkinput.ini (layout)
- Added stats-debug info (to see if stats are counted correctly; "printStats [playername]"
- Added a system that should prevent your settings from resetting