Update 29. August

Hey Gamers!

Marenz here.
(tldr - see list below)

We have a new update ready! And I am quite excited about it because it adds a bunch of social functions like you know them from all your other steam games.

You can now invite your friends or join your friends in the lobby to play together. I know, if you know Steam, that isn't very special, but we finally had time to do that, too, and I love that feature. (The invite button in the lobby doesn't work yet, but you can use your normal steam client)

It's not perfect of course, for example if you play on a training server it probably won't work. And I've seen some strange things when you're in-game, too, but for the normal lobby stuff it works!

Another new thing is that the lobby chat now respects your steam settings when you blocked/ignored someone on steam. That means you will no longer see those persons' chat messages in the lobby!

The last two smaller things in this update are that we hopefully fixed our crash reporter to properly send us a program mini dump (it didn't do that before) and that you can now sort the servers in the training tab.

We have a few more things prepared and as soon as they are finished we'll ship them to you! I could already play with them (when I tested them) and I think they will make the normal flow of entering a lobby or training server way nicer. Stay tuned!

Here the detailed list:

  • Users blocked on steam are also ignored in the lobby chat

  • Fixed that you can't click/read the news posts

  • Fixed the crash reporter (please fill it out if it crashes, this makes it easier for us to fix stuff)

  • Implemented invite/join game steam functionality

  • Chat window jumps back to the bottom right away after scrolling