Update 22. June

- Updated Tutorial map (now with 11 stages, keeper training, pass training, volley training, spin training…)
- Launcher new design
- 11 official tutorial videos added
- Added “practice while waiting” button to lobbies to reduce waiting times
- Rebalanced XP amount - keepers and defenders should now be able to get equal XP amounts as attackers or even more
- Winning Team gets XP double at the end
- Merged Practice and Matches into one browser
- Polished Gun
- Added smashy sound and post process effect when scoring
- Fixed broken cameras in Cave
- Set required XP for ranked to 100,000 (will be dropped later)
- Added some Steam Achievements
- Removed countdown and intro sequence in practice servers
- Adds tooltip over positions in lobby to make more obvious what they are
- Added mute option to launcher