Update 10. June


Added brand new Tutorial map (still work in progress)
Added 3v3 maps Hall and Hall_night
XP now gets rewarded for saving, scoring, assisting, boosting etc (matches only) (values still to be balanced, feedback appreciated!)
XP for 3v3 matches gets reduced by 70% after matches (3v3 devaluation also to be balanced!)
Raised XP limit for ranked matches to 15000

Visual overhaul on default gun (still work in progress)
Character model improved (still work in progress)
Improved effects of Goal, Shield, Jump
Map Beach less bright - please give feedback
Map Rain visual improvements
Map Cave visual improvements
Map Pitch - removed announcer
Boosting has a more “wooshy” kick sound now compared to a normal kick
Added resolution 3440x1440
Changed default controls to LeftMouse=Charge, RightMouse=Pass
Double Tap Dash by default off

Xbox Controller dead zones by default higher
Gameplay sounds volume distance decreased
Fixed that sometimes you have no HUD

Tried to fix crashes when using “Practice online” button
Lobbies now play a reminder sound if you aren’t readying up
Fixed ready button sometimes not working
Fixed that sometimes the “X” of the launcher couldn’t be used
Fixed bug in stat counting in match report
Match report now includes XP, boosts given and boosts received.
Match report uses colors for easier readability

Fixed that spectators sometimes won/lost rank points
Simplified how servers are pinged, don’t need to enter anything in udkengine.ini anymore when setting up a server
Improved crash reporter to be more useful to us
Dev competence increased by 23%