Update 0.5.1

So, another update. I spend Friday debugging the master server and I found a nasty bug that is now fixed, so I expect it to run way more stable now. Though I do know of an other potential one, but that is for later.

Regarding the launcher, the new things for todays update are:

  • We began the process of translating it to other languages!

  • The options menu got some more fixes

  • Kick votes are no longer anonymous!

  • The context menu now has "ViewProfile"

  • Non-Added players can now open the context menu as well

  • Required kick votes are now at 70%

We increased the required kick votes because we saw that a lot of people were simply trying to get rid of new inexperienced players. This is not cool guys. Instead of kicking them you should introduce them to the game, teach them things.

A friendly community should handle new players gently. If you don't want to play with new players, use the lobbies with the according rank limitation. And if you can't join them yourself.. then you shouldn't consider yourself arrogant enough to kick-vote less-skilled players out of the lobby.

If you behave like that you are not contributing to the growth of the community and you disrupt the friendly atmosphere. More over you give new players a horrible impression of the community. Is that really what you want this community to look like?

Well we certainly don't and we'll take steps to prevent that. If that means some people have to go, so be it.