To-Do Priority for Steam Version

These are the next things to be done, in about that order:

- Improve Lobby list visuals and add Filter settings
- Add unranked lobbies
- Add public training servers and separate pub-server-list
(the plan is that you can play on a pub while you wait for a match to fill, and once it fills you automatically switch from the pub to the match server)
- Add XP next to ranks in top right corner
- Don't let people play in ranked lobbies before they have 100XP
- Fix Spectating
- Add match summary screen after match
- Add Reward/Report system after match (to vote for trolls etc)
- Add teams, ability to join teams and ability to play matches as team
- Fix/Remove non-working steam overlay in launcher
- Allow to use "Invite friends" button
- Improve launcher design
- Supraball League
- Adding statistics and profiles to Launcher


- Tutorials, Training Scenarios
- Replays
- Matchmaking (requires 50000 players online to work well)