The Effects

Hey, It's David here!
I often tried to post something about the development, but until now somehow working seemed more fun and efficient than doing status posts.

I'm redoing the effects and other stuff in the new engine.
This time I'm trying to make them all look much more "smashing" and glowy.

Here an example of the shield and the kick effect, old and new:



Now the old one looks really poor in comparison. You can also see that the shield design has been changed completely. The old one was this wavy thing that you can hardly see from outside. The new one can't be overlooked with its bright red glowy ring around it.

Unreal Engine 4 also allows for better post processing. I set it up in a way, that it automatically adds lens flares to all bright things. And of course we have dirt on the lens, that we all love!
Don't worry, I'll make it so, that it's just pretty and not disturbing!

Here another example, which is hard to show in a picture, because the animation is what makes it special. The effect when the ball appears, old and new:

Pictures don't really do it justice in this case! UE4 allows to use GPU particles, so you can use 100,000 instead of 100, and you can also have them twirl around by vector fields.

And you can tell that I tried to remake the Pitch map 1:1. I just think i made the sky look much better now.