Supraball League Spotlight 5!

Supraball Spotlight!

Now that we are well and truly underway into the Supraball season it's already showing just how tough it is fighting for that top spot!

The league table ( shows a very close fight between VEXED and GEEGEE for first place, directly followed by 28+ with only 4 points behind.
This week could be the difference to gain some real ground on their opponents!

The spotlight match will be focused on 28+ vs. VXD, a direct showdown of two of the most ambitious teams for the title.

After their suprising win vs. 28+ in the first leg , team VEXED will be motivated and feeling confident going into this one looking to their star players to make some magic happen again, however 28+ are an organised side and will show a strong performance to close the gap to the leading teams to only 1 point!


Today's show will feature gg's player SILW,

commentating and analysing his rival's plays, to give you some more detailed insight in the tactical aspects of attacking, defending, and general informations about the players you will see playing and also what life is really like playing for one of the all time greatest players: Strafe.

Are you motivated in getting better at Supraball or trying to get in contact with the competitive scene?
Feel free to prepare your questions, SILW will answer them gladly before and after the match!

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or LIVE on at 21.15GMT / 22.15CET!