Supraball League Spotlight 4!

WATCH LIVE from 21:30 - 23:00 CET


This week's Supraball Season Spotlight features a close and intense fight for first place!

Vexed, who sit on the top of the standings in front of the unbeaten Geegee, will have to face Synax, who are looking to keep within the first three spots.

Famous for close games, Synax are capable opponents and looking to give Vexed their first loss of the season!

    The second match of the night will feature GG and 28+!
Following a surprising loss to Vexed ( ) , 28+ must win the remainder of their matches for a realistic chance at winning the league. Their counterparts GG are looking to hold onto first place.

Come watch Europe’s best fight it out with some of the greatest teamplay, and fanciest goals the world has ever seen!!

Check out the league standings!

Feeling the Supraball passion? Be sure not to miss the stream at  starting at 20:30 GMT!