Supraball entering the next phase

We are currently doing the final preparations before we can have Supraball enter Early Access state on Steam.

This can be considered the next advanced testing phase. The game will be visible to everyone on steam so we expect a flood of new players.
It will not be featured on the main page at first, but it can be found in the early access section.

Thanks a lot to all beta testers who helped us test the game on a daily basis. You enabled us to get the game to this advanced and rather polished state!

The early access phase won't be free anymore. Everyone will then have to buy the game to get access. Exception are our backers who funded 15€ or more in the crowdfunding campaign earlier.

The beta keys you've been using until now will be disabled before release.

For the release we're still getting some things ready like a basic report system to ban trolls, notifications to inform players about server problems or other things and we try to improve and solidify the whole server situation - which is the point where we might get overwhelmed, because we simply cannot predict exactly how many players we will get, 300, 3000, 30000 or 300000...

We try to get the early access version out in late April or early May.