Supra-Tutorials update!

Besides the announced tutorial ideas, we want to introduce a short preview of the tasks you can expect.

First attachement:
(from left to right)

1) Obstacles to shot through
2) Obstacles you can only overcome when you can use the sucker properly
3) Targets you have to aim/shot at
4) Moving walls that you have to dodge/jump over
5) Ball cannon that gives you passes/shots
6) Playerdummy you can pass/shot at
7) Black ball which you may not catch

If we manage to design a tutorial sequence in an ideal way, then we will give the player several possible solutions that imply different difficulty-levels.

We would like to explain that by the second attachement:

When the player enters (1)PLATFORM he receives a pass by (2)BALLCANNON1.
His first task it so shoot the ball at (3)TARGET1.
If he succeeds, one of the black balls, that may not be caught, will be shot out of (5)BALLCANNON2.
Now he has to volley the black ball and hit (6)TARGET2 ,before the (7)EXIT opens, and he can enter the next sequence.

While a bad player requires more time, because he has to wait until the black ball hits the floor, and has to bring it into position to actually hit the (6)TARGET2,
the more experienced player will be able to sling-suck himself at the (4)SLINGER to reach the black ball mid-air, swirl it around himself and hit the (6)TARGET2 with a curved volley.
This will be more difficult, but ensures him a better competition-time.

The next idea we want to introduce:  BOSS-FIGHTS!!

Attachment 3 displays a first idea of a robo-boss.
You have to avoid/catch/volley the ball he shots out of his ballcannons, while he walks around.
You have to shot them at his target in order to beat him
But take care: if you catch one of his shots while you stand close to the border, you will get knocked down by the catchboost.
Maybe you shouldn't get too close to him neither, his arms look like they might be good at throwing you off the platform, who knows?

What do you think about it, does it sound fun?