Steam Update 6. August

- Added crowd to Hall that goes wild when their team scores

- Added new map variation Pitch_Rain (5v5)

- Added new map variation Pitch_Snow (5v5) including a little crowd

- Added new map Beach (5v5)

-Reworked Pitch_Walls

- Reworked effects and various visuals
//- Added Suit-Skin and new Gun for Crowdfunding backers (not activated yet, but technically ready)
- Reduced delay after match until game closes from 13,37s to 5s
- Pitch_walls now has nicer lighting if you have dynamic lights disabled
- Added beeps to the charge sound to better indicate when you overpower

- Massive internal Launcher changes to make updates easier
- Created Launcher test suite to make sure bugs, once fixed, stay fixed
- Updated launcher web-engine (news show properly, stats work right)

Get a key to join the closed testing on steam: