Steam Early Access

We now stopped giving out keys for the closed testing on steam.
The next milestone is the public release on steam, which will be a free to play "Early Access" release.
Then the game will be available to everyone and it can be found in the steam search and will be highlighted as new Early Access game.

We plan to release it when the following things are done:

- Fix stability problems of launcher (launcher not starting, freezes, crashes, black screens...)

- Add report system (allows to flag people that ruin a game, so they get excluded from ranked matches or even unranked matches for a while)

-Add match report screen after matches finish (showing the result, the involved players and minimal stats)

- Give backer hat and backer gun to crowd funding backers (you can even freely edit the color of your hat)

- Add "rent a server" button in lobby browser

- Allow passwording servers

- Allow creation of Teams (create a team with name, emblem, invite members, play with Team elo...)

- Add infrastructure for banner display in launcher

- Add launcher translations (Russian, Italian, German and some others)

- Misc. small things

- Maybe have the Supraball League up and running

I'm hoping for a middle of august release. But having 15 years of game development experience, I know that the realistic expectation should probably be doubled to be really realistic.