Thanks to Swarley we now have a pretty good stat detection in the game.

We track goals, owngoals, successfull passes, lost balls, conquered balls, KOs, touches, carry time, saves, chances, assists.

From these we can derive the pass safety, the save rate and how many chances you waste for each goal you score.
Since we will also track all matches we can show your average score. I guess there will be the 2:2-kinda guy and the 10:10-type

Here is what the profile will look like:

Saves and chances go pretty much hand in hand except for post hits and small details. But I have to say that these are of course not 100% accurate. But like 80-90%.
You can always argue if a shot from 60 meters away deserves being called a chance or a save. We added some measures that if the shot was very far away and arrives at a very low speed at the keeper, it's not considered a save or a chance.

Also we do not track if the ball is missing the goal. This will go unnoticed, but post hits are counted. Also being knocked out in the opponents box while having the ball is always considered a chance. So basically we try to get as close as possible with very simple measures.
For most cases it will be accurate enough and over the course of 30 matches and more it will even out anyway.
But we made sure that, for example, when you hit the post and then the ball goes in, it does not count as missed and then as used chance. It's just one used chance. This is simply done by chances having a timer of 3 seconds; you can only have one chance in 3 seconds.

If you intercept a ball with a volley and that ball deflects to the opponent team you will also get a missed pass stat. So brilliant defenders can stand out by having an intercept and a good pass.

We will track everything for the last 30 matches (to see the current shape of the player) and for his whole career. These are 2 different display options.

Chris will expand the stats page so you can not only list people by their rank but in every category, so you can have a list of the best keepers, best passers, best scorers etc.

In the meantime Marenz will have to make sure the stats are properly transfered from the UDK-game into our database from where the launcher and the statspage can then request them.

I think we will all love this!