Roadmap for the near future

The things that need to be done before we can make the steam beta go public:

  • Stability of the launcher (fixing crashes, making sure the launcher runs for everyone)

  • Fix Steam overlay in the launcher

  • Add all ingame Options in launcher (so you can set controls and stuff in the launcher)

  • Finishing Balance (1. improve presentation of the balance process with animation and sounds 2. make only balanced matches be ranked matches)

  • Fix spectating

  • Add Votekick in lobbies

  • Add option to Invite friends to lobbies

  • Add match summary screen (as tab in the launcher) with score, stats etc.

  • Add report mechanic to match summary screen and possibility to ban trolls from the game

  • Add 3on3 lobbies including a separate 3on3 rank

  • Add XP (5xp for win, 3 for tie, 2 for loss in ranked and unranked)

  • Add XP or Rank filter for lobbies (so you can only join certain lobbies with a minimum XP or rank)

  • Hide rank for the first 10 ranked matches

  • Improve Lobby browser: better interface, more options

  • Add training match lobby (to replace pubs): these matches are in  training mode, no score, no time

  • Better layout and visuals in launcher

  • Add tons of good servers to be prepared for the flood of players


These things need to be polished, because there is no 2nd chance for a 1st impression. We have to expect tons of new players seeing the game for the first time then.