Roadmap 2

We've been pretty quiet in the last couple of months, but we were not inactive. Actually we've never been as busy as we are now. The income of the game has allowed us to get more people working fulltime on the game. The development team is excited and energized.

As there will of course be another xmas sale on Steam this year, we'll use this opportunity to learn from the past releases and improve the experience for new Supraball players. Reception has been very positive, except when getting matches takes too long or when matches don't happen at all. So this is what we're working on now:


Xmas 2016

The big feature for the Xmas update is matchmaking.

That means starting matches will require just clicking Play -> Match -> Find and then you will get into a game without interruptions. If you want to you'll be able to pick a few preferences (position, ranked/unranked, match type, ping limits) and then the system will do the rest for you, finding players that will give you a fun game. We aim to also include party-matchmaking so you can invite up to 4 friends and play with them on the same team.

We intend matchmaking to be the main way that people will play Supraball. As part of this we are making ranked matches exclusive to matchmaking. However lobbies are not going away. Anyone who has a server will still be able to use it for more customised normal matches (e.g. tournaments, club vs club).

Due to popular demand we are restoring practice alone mode, so you will be able to try out any new moves and tricks on your own. To improve the experience for new players we are integrating an anonymous community-driven player review system. We have a couple of other things in the works, but it just wouldn't be Christmas without few nice surprises.


Next year we will start adding customizations and the upgrade system.
By playing matches you unlock levels and with that you can buy lots of skins and gameplay upgrades - we've talked about these before in more detail.

After that we want to get to AI Bot players. Main reason for this is to keep the game playable at all times. The bots will most likely not satisfy the pros but they will keep beginners entertained and help fill in gaps. For example a keeper bot could be able to fill in for matches that don't get enough players, or perhaps substitute in case of disconnections.

When this is done, whenever that might be, we are getting closer to the actual release of the game.
For that it is still open to discussion if a free2play solution is better for the game or if the current model is there to stay. F2p would again require lots of work adding an ingame shop and a satisfying monetization. But we will start discussing this much later. For now we're busy trying to make a really fluid matchmaking experience.