Road to Release

The most frequently asked question these days is "when will it come out?".

I have to admit, I have no idea. Game creation (especially without a budget) just takes so much longer than you first think.

So instead I just tell you what's left to do, so you get a better idea.
The following list just contains the minimum requirements for release. All the not very important things were already moved to after the release as free updates.


- Team Lobbies: a dedicated tab for each team where you hang out, organize matches and challenge other teams

- Getting teams to work in lobbies, so the players are recognized as part of the same team, so then they play with team elo instead of player elo.

- Report system: flag people after matches. The system automatically bans and unbans people.

- Match report screen: see all kinds of stats about the last match

- Stats: new stats tab that allows sorting by all things imaginable: country, goals, assists, saves....

- XP unlock system: with the XP gained you unlocked stuff (tutorial videos, hats and other things)

- The tutorial video series that I just mentioned

- Automatic masterserver scaling: to automatically add more master servers that work hand in hand, if we have too many players at the same time

- Improve semi-matchmaking: an appropriate server is found for you automatically already, but we need to set tighter rank limits on these servers automatically to make sure diamond and wood players don't mix too much. We are not doing real matchmaking, because you need to have 60000+ players online at all times, and we cannot rely on that.

- Server handling: make sure people don't use bogus server settings to farm XP or Elo

- Server setup: Allow easy server renting ingame and allow things like setting passwords for lobbies

- Launcher translations: be able to switch languages

- Lots of little bugs and things here and there.


Now you have an idea of when we will release. Not before these things are done and solid. Scratching any of these features is not really an option, because we want to make the best possible first impression, and any of those are necessary. Many of these things are half or 90% done, some are not even started.

When we after all this have a release candidate, we will go into "Early Access" on Steam, as a kind of stress test and then release maybe one month later, if everything works well.