Release Announcement

In Winter 2015/2016 we will release the Unreal Engine 3 version of Supraball on Steam as a paid game with a targeted price of 15€.

The majority of community members voted for a release of the Unreal Engine 3 version of Supraball. We want to realize this and feel encouraged by a community that has been through a lot with us for over a year now. It has not always been easy and the times of sweat and struggle, moments of nervous confusion when things did not work out as expected and a community that is storming the barricades… All those times will not be forgotten and add up to our collection of experiences. Yes, we always strife for the better within our capacities. And, certainly, we will face many more challenges in the future.

Here are some important points that you might feel interested in regarding the release:

- Crowdfunding backers that have supported us during the crowdfunding period with more than 15€ will be able to play Supraball free of charge. Supporters that have crowdfunded us with less than 15€ will merely need to fund the difference now to get the game for free at launch.
- The development of the Unreal Engine 4 version will continue. We are aiming at releasing it as a successor to Supraball. A very rough ETA: 2017.
- All crowdfunding rewards will work in Supraball and Supraball 2.
- Al Rewards from the crowdfunding campaign will work in Supraball and the successor.

We have a very tight schedule ahead of us with 7 milestones until the end of november. Some of the things to come are:

- A new "Play" menu that automatically puts you into fitting servers and lobbies without having to browse for them, and you unlock new modes by achieving things in the previous modes (from top to bottom):

- You will unlock a series of tutorial videos which will be available in a variety of languages (we're looking for people to voice act them in their native languages).

- The launcher will be available in those languages too (also looking for translators here).

- An improved lobby design that shows more about the state of the match (map image, if it's ranked...):

- Hovering a player's name will show a mini profile of that person with lots of interesting stuff:

- Player profile settings to also adjust customizations:

- We will allow the creation and management of teams:

- Teams will have their own private lobby (always open) in which they organize before finding a match:

- In lobbys teams are playing as a team, not as single players. In this case the team has a rank, not the players.

- A report system to report or praise players after matches in order to exclude them from certain play types if they ruin matches:

- Allow passwording lobbies and practice servers

- Elo-decay (rank drops if you're inactive in ranked play)

- A big variety of customizations (hats n' stuff)

- New maps

...and many other things...


Hope you like it!