Pickup Games

Just for the time being, until we have all play modes added to the game, I suggest using our chat channels to play pickup matches. Public matches are of course a little dull, and I'm sorry that the game has nothing better to offer for the moment. Pickup matches are way better organized!

Join the chat here:

For Europe

For North America

The system is a bit outdated but still easy enough to use for the moment.

!team (shows the current status)

You can join a match by typing

!join k (for keeper)
!join d (for defense)
!join m (for midfield)
!remove (to remove again)

When a match has filled, you can pick players with
!pick x (the x represents the number or name of the player)

To join a server you have to copy the "open <ip>" link that you get on the chat and paste it into the game console (opens with tab).

For the rest ask the people in the channel, they are helpful!