NASBL League Final!

The NASBL Grand Finals between the two oldest teams in North America, Speed Hack Detected (SHD) and Tim Allen Post Crew (TAPC)!

Monday December 8th at 9PM EST is game one and Wednesday the 10th starting at 9PM EST will be games two and three.

Join us on stream at  5 minutes before the match starts!


Speed Hack Detected finished fourth during the league's regular season (4-6-0).

The first round of the playoffs they would face Little Mermaids.Black, a team they were 0-2 against.

Up 1-0 for a majority of the game, with 1:30 seconds left they would let in a goal only to score another with 20 seconds left to go.

This would put them up against the number one seeded Grounds Keepers. They would dominate possession of the game but let up a tieing goal in the final minute, in a tense overtime they would win 3-2.

Tim Allen Post Crew came second in the regular season from a week 5 loss to GK, for they had lead the league all through out (7-3-0).

Their only playoff game against Pillars would be an interesting one. They had previously lost to Pillars in Week 5 and in the NASBL Summer Cup Finals.

The game was dead even going into the final minute of play where they would score with under 15 seconds left.

With 7 seconds left Pillars would score a miraculous goal pushing it into overtime.

Despite all the pressure, TAPC would not be upset and would take the win.

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