DevBlog 13 Jan 2017

Have a glimpse at what we’re doing with bots and what the shop might look like


Right now we're making a bot AI. This is to guarantee matches for everyone at any given time on any continent.

At first we make a keeper bot which is planned to be in the new release  - in the next couple of weeks.

Here you can see the bot pass to me in "practice alone" and save my shot:

When the keeper bot is done, we'll also do the other positions until the end up february (at least that's the plan).

In the end the bots can be used in any mode except ranked.
You can play completely alone against bots. You can play with your friends against bots.
If there are 3 more people in queue with you, the bots will fill in for the remaining 6 spots.
The system we will bring to you guarantees a match with maximum 30 seconds of waiting time.

This however can only be guaranteed with bots. If you want to play with bots is up to you. Matchmaking will allow the advance option to only play with humans.

Customizations + Shop

When the bots are done we'll focus all we have on making the customizations and the shop system working for when we go free2play.

Here are some concepts for the shop:

Please keep in mind that the numbers in these concepts are completely random and are only there for visual concept reasons!

As currencies there will be diamonds and coins. Diamonds are the currency you buy for real money and coins you will get from playing matches.

In the concept you also don't see the skins that will only be buyable for diamonds. The "King", "Caveman", "Goth" and "Wizard" are actually "common" skins and can be gotten for coins. So for real money you will get skins like

"Space Captain" and "Serious Clown"

or "Archeology guy" and "Time travel guy"

We're working on a lot of those to make sure there is something for everyone!

Crowdfunders will get their promised amount of ingame cash! People who bought the game during Early Access will also get diamonds as reward.