Meta Progression Concept

The following is the current concept for the progression in Supraball, which is aimed to make it a motivating experience.
10 days ago I showed you another concept. From the feedback we got and new ideas this one has been put together.
I hope the graphic is self explaining.

I know of course that the oldskool players are to a certain extend not happy about this, but we have to make sure it appeals to lots of people who don't even know yet, that the game exists. In the end nothing changes for the oldskool players. The only difference is, that the first 1-14 days are a new experience. After that, it's back to normal. We could even give the oldskool players an opportunity to skip this phase. Shouldn't be a problem.

Exact numbers are mostly just placeholders in this and just rough ideas. The XP achievements are also temporary for the most part.