Now we have ranks implemented pretty much (in the Steam beta). This is nice and adds a motivational factor. But you are bound to get stuck at a certain rank at some time, but that's how it goes and it's ok I think.

On the other hand ranks can be demotivating. Because you might avoid playing matches because losing has only bad consequences. Right now I'm mainly thinking about adding another meta feature that's always progressing.

What I have in mind is an XP-System. If you win a match you get 5 XP, if you tie you get 3XP, if you lose you still get 2 XP. So even if you lose, you still progress in a certain way.

But what are you going to do with your XP? The idea I have is, that you unlock features.

We don't want to add anything on top of the current game, but we'd strip down the current state and you can unlock everything step by step. So when you start as a noob you can only charge (maybe with less power than normal), pass, volley and single-jump. Here are some ideas of what you could unlock:

And I say it again, the current state of the game would be what you have, when you unlocked everything. So when you unlock "higher shot power" you don't get more. You just start with less and then get back to normal.

So this system would have three advantages:

  • Long lasting motivation to get new possibilities

  • Noob-friendlier because it's easier to get in and not be confused by too many possibilities. Also noob keepers would have an easier job if the other noobs can't shoot that hard and can't curve balls.

  • We could finance ourselves by selling XP-Boosts (so you get for example 20XP for a win instead of 5XP). Once you bought them, they could be active for a week or a month.

Are there disadvantages? Is it something you'd hate?
Do you have other or better ideas what to do?
Please let me know!