Launcher Concept

The launcher will be the center piece of the game. Here you can start all kinds of matches, watch all stats, talk to friends, change your options etc.

What I try to accomplish is that you understand it at first sight, that everything is easy to use and needs no explanation and that you have all the functionality you need.

You can click to enlarge this current concept:



And yes, it is heavily inspired by League of Legends and Facebook.

Clicking "Play" you will get to choose what you want to do: Play a normal ranked match, play a friendly match (server browser or pickup games) or do Trainings/Tutorials.

In the friends list you can also right click any friend to request starting a match with them. Because you can start ranked matches all alone, with 1 friend or even with 4 friends. Or you just invite friends into a training session without opponents and just kicking the ball around and trying out new things.

In the friends list you also see your teams that you belong to. You can click the triangle "play" button there to ask your whole team to play a match. If 5 agree to play, an opponent team is being searched by our system.

If you have comments, requests or feedback, please tell us!