Development News

We know that many (inluding ourselves) were unhappy with the development speed of Supraball.

We can now proudly announce, that the production speed will be increased by about 300-400%.

The primary focus now is on the launcher and the Unreal Engine 4 port. You will always see the latest versions of the launcher in the closed steam beta. The UE4 port will not be seen by the public for quite some time. It's doing well, but we'll only release it, once it is function wise a replica of the current UE3 version of the game.

We are also still open for more team members. Our requirements are a passionate love for Supraball, sick skills that help enrich the game, at least 1-3 days/week of fulltime work on the game. We also have potential investors who can help to pay the job if necessary.
What we need most are programmers and 3d artists (3ds max, Unreal Engine 4).